Logo der 100 Blumen Brauerei

100 Blumen Brewery

In the walls of the old piano factory Luner & Pattart in Atzgersdorf in the 23rd district, Vienna the 100 flowers brewery is located on more than 550 m². Therefore after the last time in 1973, beer is brewed again in Liesing, Vienna.

Origin Story

Some years ago we started to brew beer in our kitchen. With brewing books and YouTube videos, we mastered the art of brewing. While traveling, we experienced the beer diversity of different countries and cultures, which we missed in Austria.

Hobby became passion and passion became vocation. Founded in spring 2016, as the new Viennese brewery, we want to bring color to the Austrian beer landscape and break outdated conventions.

Why 100 Blumen?

As a graduated sinologist, Alexander has chosen a reference from Chinese symbolism. 100 flowers stands for a new beginning, a spring if you want. For a spring of the Austrian beer culture one flower is not enough for a blossoming flower, you need 100 flowers. 100 flowers stands for the variety of the taste, the variety of the beer styles and a blossoming of the Austrian beer culture.